Armoured Corps -Spearhead of the army (13th Apr 1948)

Address to Officers and men of Pakistan Armoured Corps Center, Naushera 13th April, 1948.

Officers and Men,

As you know on partition all Armoured Corps Training Establishments were in India. We were left with absolutely no training Establishment for Armoured Corps. Literally, we in Pakistan had to start from scratch in this particular field. And it was very essential to take steps to open a Pakistan Training Establishment as soon as possible so that the intake of recruits should not be held up and their training should continue with as little break as possible and Courses could be run for Regiments. But unfortunately, considerable delay was caused owing to the impossibility of moving the Pakistan element from India until October, and I am glad to say it is due to the untiring efforts of all of you that, in such a short space of time, the Center is now functioning fully in all departments.

The Cavalry has always been the spearhead of the Army. This is no less true in these days of mechanisation than it was in the day of horses. To carry out their role, Cavalry must have the very best in Officers and men; whether they do in fact attain this level depends very largely on you. You produce the recruit and turn him out as a trained soldier. You train officers and men in all the latest developments of your arm of the service. Upon this training and teaching depends the efficiency of the Armoured Corps as a whole.

Those of you, who are in the Staff of the Center, make up your minds that there is always room for improvement, and much depends upon your efforts.

Those of you, who are under training, determine always to do your best, to take the fullest advantage of your opportunities here.

There are many of you on parade today who have come here before going on pension or release. Your Army Service is completed and you have given the best years of your life to the service of your Country. Your Country is grateful. Many of you may not wish to go–but it is unavoidable. After all great wars, it is necessary to reduce the Army to its peacetime strength and all cannot remain.

Remember that you have learned much of the world and of the duties of a good citizenship in the Army. You can continue to serve your Country in your homes by spreading this knowledge and by the example of your way of living.

There are many among you, who are refugees from India. You are uncertain of the future for yourselves and for your families. I can assure you that problem are receiving the most earnest attention of Government and that no efforts are being spared in endeavouring to arrange for our resettlement. I am glad to know that this Center contributed the sum of Rs. 4,516 to the Quaid-i-Azam’s Relief Fund, which is giving much aid in this work.

Do not forget Espirit-DE- CORPS–pride in your Regiment, pride in the Corps as a whole, and pride in and devotion to your Country–Pakistan; Pakistan depends on you and puts her faith in you as defenders of your Country. Be worthy of her. This Army was built up and made its reputation due to the devotion and bravery of your fathers and grandfathers. Make up your minds to be worthy sons.

You have started well and have accomplished much. Continue as you have started and all will be well with the Pakistan Armoured Corps.

Pakistan Zindabad

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