Extract from Biography of Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah (rehmatullah alayh)

Quaid e Azam (left), Syed Jama'at Ali Shah (right) [May Allah Be Pleased with them Both]

Biography of Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah (r.a)1841-1951 Part 20 Sirat Amir e Millat (r.a)

Pakistan Movement ( Tahreek e Pakistan ) 3.
Dinner in Kashmir for Quaid e Azam (r.a)

This was the last tour of Kashmir for Hazrat Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah (r.a). Chauhdry Ghulam Abbas (r.a) was the leader of Muslim League in Kashmir and his disciple (Mureed). He invited Muhammad Ali Jinnah (r.a) to Kashmir. Hazrat Sahib was staying at the home of Dr. Abdul Ahad and asked him to invite Quid e Azam for a dinner on his behalf. Jinnah Sahib responded " Since both of us are visitors here, there is no need for dinner, I will come to meet you." Hazrat Sahib organized the dinner in a large hall which was attended by large number of guests and his fellow disciples (yaran e Tareeqat).Table clothes were spread on beautiful Persian carpets and at least 45 different dishes were prepared.,Quid e Azam arrived with Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas and Hazrat Sahib stood up to greet him.He refused to sit next to him and sat on the ground instead & stated " A person with lack of respect (Be Adab) never succeeds in his mission.My aim is to create Pakistan and therefore I do not want to be deprived of this honor." Quid e Azam used to eat very little. Hazrat Sahib insisted that he taste all the Kashmiri dishes. A special Kashmiri dish " Goshtaba " was served last. Quid e Azam enjoyed the dinner and commented " I want to steel this cook from you." Both discussed the strategy for independence of Pakistan . Hazrat Sahib gave him two flags , one green and other black and offered dua for the success of his mission." In an earlier conference at Lahore Quid e Azam stated "It is my faith that Pakistan will become a reality because Amir e Millat has said so and I am sure Allah Taala will make true the words uttered by him."

Hazrat Amir e Millat himself toured India to support Muslim League in 1946 elections and his message was " Give vote to Muslim League".Muslim League achieved great victory and Quid e Azam told Seth Mohammad Ali disciple of Hazrat Sahib in Bombay " This is all due to efforts and dua of your Pir".

Hazrat Sayyid Jam'at Ali Shah ( r.a ) wrote letter of congratulations to Quid e Azam which was published in "Jang " Karachi ,Yom e Pakistan Edition ,1970:

Quaid e Azam Sahib:
Assalam o Alaikum wa Rahmat'Allah wa Barakatu

"Last week I sent you message , congratulating you to make intension of performing Hajj.Now again I congratulate you on the success of Muslim League. Allah Taala selected you from millions of Indian Muslims for this honor.Despite strong opposition by five groups,Allah Taala granted you success.The opponents have spent millions to make Indian Muslims dogs of Gandhi as the Kashmiri say however they were disgraced and defeated .

Afreen bad bareen himmat mardana to--Ein kar az to ayed wa mardan chuneen kunad

In this message I also want to congratulate Nizam and people of Hyderabad Deccan for weighing you in gold because this honor only has been bestowed on Agha Khan and you since creation of Hazrat Adam ( alaihe as-Salam). Allah Taala selected you for this great honor from millions of Muslims.

Sayyed Jam'at Ali afi Allah unho (May Allah forgive me),
from Alipur Sayyidan,July 17,1946.

In another letter in English Hazrat explained to Quid e Azam rites of pilgrimage (Munasik e Hajj ) in detail. Quid e Azam replied on August 13,1946.

Dear Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah Sahib:

Thank you for your letter of July 17th. As you know there are rapid political changes ocurring in India. It is difficult for me to leave India at this time.With Thanks.

Your Sincere,
M.A. Jinnah.

In response to congratulations on creation of Pakistan, Quid e Azam wrote on August 6,1947 :

10 Aurangzeb Road New Delhi
August 6 1947.

Dear Pir Sahib.

"Thank you for your duas and congratulations.I believe Muslims are very happy that after 200 years of colonial rule , they have established an independent and free Pakistan.I want also thank you for your kind gift parcel of peaches. "

With best wishes
Your Sincere
M.A. Jinnah

On the independence of Pakistan Hazrat Jama'at Ali Shah (r.a) sent messages of congratulations to Quid e Azam and other leaders. He wrote to Pir of Manki Sharif "Pir Sahib ! Pakistan is Independent. Our work is completed.Now it upto rulers to run the country"

He sent telegraph to Quid e Azam : " Mulk Geeri Asan Hay.Mulk Dari Mushkil Hay. Allah Taala Ap ko Mulk Dari ki Taufiq ata famaiy."

" It is easy to make a country but difficult to rule it. Allah Taala give you wisdom to rule the country"

Fearless Fighter of the Pakistan Movement:

Urdu Daily Newspaper' Nawa i Waqt' Lahore published an article titled " The Fearless Fighter of Pakistan Movement ( Tahreek e Pakistan Ka Nadar Mujahid ) in April 16,1970 issue " Ishat e Milli "

" Hazrat Amir e Millat Pir Jama'at Ali Shah Sahib (r.a) used to study any new movement in India with great insight . He would fight anti-Muslim movements with great courage without fear of then British Government. To make Muslims aware of importance and sanctity of mosques,he confronted Sikhs and British during Shaheed Ganj Movement . The nation honored him with the title of Amir e Millat (Leader of the Muslim Community).He challenged the Hindus during Shudi Movement and stopped their conversion of Muslims to Hinduism. He wanted Indian Muslims to understand their Islamic identity.He established many religious organizations & institutions to promote Shari'a of beloved Prophet saws. (Shariat e Mustafvi). Some of those organizations such as Anjuman Khudam as-Sufiya and Anjuman Islamia are still functioning.He supported the Lahore Resolution of 1940 and awakened Muslims to work for the success of Pakistan Movement . He worked tirelessly to make Quid e Azam's mission successful. Pir Sahib told his disciples (Mureeds) to take part in Pakistan Movement in whatsoever capacity they can, otherwise he will not offer their funeral prayers ( Namaz e Janaza ) ."

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