Mohammad Ali Jinnah's legacy 1000s of Years into the future

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There was a man who had a dream to create a land with diverse beauty and wonderful people to call their own. That land called Pakistan, a dream of unity, diversity and equality made a reality by one great man but that dream did not end with one man. Because of him that dream spread to millions of people and later hundreds of millions people and eventually billions of peoples who live on distant worlds who wanted to explore, achieve unimaginably great, ambitous and positive contributions to humanity stretched across the stars. Mohammed Al Jinnah inspired other great leaders such as Admiral Mehmood Shahjahan and Lieutenant Kamilah, courageous heros of the future to come who would lead Pakistan into a golden age of space exploration with the formation of Pakistani Starfleet. Mohammed Al Jinnah, would be grateful to know so far into the future what started out as a nation to achieve the dreams most thought was impossible became an ambassador to a world to reach out and and make contact with other diverse civilizations on distant worlds with the blending of techinology and cultral tradtion. Pakistan and the Pakistani no other............equality is achieved by diversity.

This is a painting by Kenny Irwin :aka: Perfectlymadebirds showing three leaders that stretch across over 1200 years from the formation of Pakistan with Mohammed Al Jinnah and later on, eventually leaders Mehmood Shahjahan and Lieutenant Kamilah of the Pakistani Starfleet. All three legendary figures sit dreaming of the future below the stars and Earth's terraformed moon in the 34th century as many of Pakistan's vast and diverse cities glimmer behind them in complete prosperity and peace along with the greater world of many unique nations and galaxy of untold numbers of diverse civilizations.

Courtesy: Kenny [Hassan] Irwin

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